Meet Jennifer, CRUNCH cookie maker and fortune creator.


CRUNCH was born from a girl in her apartment, a fortune cookie machine, and a creative, ambitious mind.  Founder, Jennifer West, began making fortune cookies as gifts for friends and family.  Her talent was in the various flavors and witty fortunes. Jennifer came up with the idea as a commemoration to all women in her life that had a huge influence on the person she is today. Whether they are in her life for a moment or a lifetime, they touched her and forever changed her. 

At CRUNCH we're committed to using only the finest and freshest ingredients in everything we make.

If it's a custom creation you need, we'll work closely with you in the planning process to come up with a design that combines quality and creativity. 


I was born and raised in Dallas, blah, blah.  I managed to get my BA in Art , did nothing with that (sorry Dad...), went to nursing school, became a nurse, still do that... to fund my love of this company.  

So, why fortune cookies, you say?  I've always been a huge fan of the fortune cookie! There's just something about a little crunchy cookie with a secret message inside that I absolutely love!  I mean who doesn't love a fortune cookie?!  So, one day I found a fortune cookie recipe by chance and thought, heck, why not, that looks kinda fun!  And, it was!

The fortune cookies turned out perfect, along with the messages inside. My boyfriend loved them and it was the perfect Valentine’s Day gift! This item shipped much faster than the expected ship date and the owner is beyond nice to work with and easy to communicate with :) highly recommend